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Since 1935

Craigavad Turkeys

The Galbraith family have been farming at Craigavad, Holywood since 1935. Initially a dairy farm, our focus now is to raise free range bronze turkeys for Christmas. Our turkeys are sourced from Kelly Turkeys in England, who have been breeding traditional bronze turkeys for over 40 years.

The turkeys are fed a wholesome cereal-based diet including locally grown oats and wheat, free of additives and growth promoters. They are full of flavour as they are slowly grown to full maturity, enjoying the best of living conditions, open pasture by day and the shelter of a straw filled barn by night.

Traditional processing is carried out on the farm, thus reducing the stress of transport and starts mid December. Once the birds have been hand plucked, they are hung for a minimum of 10 days. This helps to tenderise the meat and develop its full flavour.

To complement your turkey, we can supply you with a traditionally cured ham or our own free range ham and cocktail sausages. Through our collaboration with a local vegetable farmer, we offer a full range of local vegetables including Maris Piper potatoes, parsnips, carrots and brussel sprouts.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a traditional turkey dinner so why not treat your family and friends to a Craigavad bronze turkey. Whether you are catering for a large or small group of people, we offer a range of different sized birds to suit all parties.

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